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Our Philosophy

“We are aware of the ultra-processed planet in which we live, the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis we are facing.  Industrial farming continues to intensify to meet the needs of the population but at the expense of our natural environment. Destruction of the natural world needs to be addressed. We have a commercial responsibility in the global supply chain in ensuring our CSR position is upheld.  Agroecology, defined by the UN as “the science of applying ecological concepts and principles to manage interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment” is a new step forward, good for both the people and the planet.  The health of the soil, plant, human and planet are one and are to be united. 

The ecology systems should be embraced and utilised in ensuring sustainability. The entire supply chain should be a relationship ensuring equality and impartiality in all opportunities. Care of all people and their environment must be managed and protected for the future generations. Ethical practices, social responsibility, sustainability awareness and environmental respect are credible factors and allow the provenance of the raw material being brought to market.  Excellent customer service, extensive stock holding,

competitive pricing and professional technical support with our market expertise and knowledge are our strengths. ProTec Botanica’s position is assured as a trusted source, let us make the journey together.”

Dean Lockton
Managing Director, ProTec Botanica