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Focus On: Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil is obtained from the plant Calophyllum inophyllum, a large, low-branching, slow-growing evergreen tree that can grow up to 20 metres tall. The tree is prevalent along the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam, and the islands of Madagascar and Vanuatu. The tree thrives alongside tropical shores, where brackish water is present. It takes approximately 1 – 2 months after germination before the seedling can be moved into full sunlight, where the plant can begin its lifecycle journey. The tree will typically produce fruit after 4 – 5 years of growth, flowering all year round thereafter.

Tamanu Oil ranges in colour from pale yellow to a very dark green with a powerful, aromatic, nutty and pecan-like aroma.

The nuts of the tree are collected and harvested between the months of October and February and left to naturally dry in full sun. Each fruit yields approximately 8 – 10% of oil.

Properties, benefits & uses of Tamanu Oil:

Tamanu seeds produce a rich green emollient oil (often referred to as “Green Gold”) composed of essential fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-9) and unique bioactive resins such as calophyllolides, inophyllums, calanolides, and tamanolides, attributing therapeutic properties to the oil. Tamanu Oil is found to have antioxidant properties, sun protection factors, antimicrobial activity against bacterial and fungal infections.

In hair care, Tamanu Oil’s nourishing and conditioning qualities are known to encourage stronger, longer, and healthier hair growth, address hair loss, hydrate the strands, bring out hair’s natural sheen, and help with easier manageability. Furthermore, it works to soothe inflammation and eliminate fungal infections on the scalp. Tamanu Oil can be included in many different formulations as an active ingredient for skin regeneration, after sun protection, soothing and irritation, anti-wrinkle / stretch marks.

How we make our Tamanu Oil

The fruits are gathered by groups of collectors formed from members of the local community, Tamanu Oil is obtained by cold mechanical extraction of the seeds. Tamanu Oil is 100% pure and natural, a quality of which ProTec Botanica is very proud of bringing to the market.


ProTec Group Management Changes

ProTec Ingredia and ProTec Botanica, both market leaders in the supply of cosmetic ingredients to the Personal Care Industry, are announcing management changes to their respective businesses.

ProTec Ingredia was founded in 2011 and has been headed up by Managing Director Alan Eastwood since its inception. Effective June 1st 2021, Alan Eastwood will relinquish his duties as Managing Director and will move into a new ProTec Group Chairman role.

Alan was also instrumental in setting up ProTec Botanica, where he has served as Managing Director since 2014.

We are therefore pleased to announce the following changes to the ProTec Group Management:

  • Kevin Cousins will become Managing Director of ProTec Ingredia UK
  • Dean Lockton will become Managing Director of ProTec Botanica
  • Tomasz Piotrowski will become Managing Director of ProTec Ingredia Poland

Kevin, Dean and Tomasz will take over the day-to-day management of their respective businesses and will be fully responsible for all operational matters. We wish them all the success in their new roles.

ProTec Group Chairman, Alan Eastwood comments: “This is a fantastic group of people and I want to thank everyone for the help and support they have given me, many for a long period of time. The ProTec Group is growing rapidly, and the businesses are strong and moving fast towards an exciting future. I am confident that our new leadership team will be successful in taking them there.”

For further information, please contact:

Sales EnquiriesMarketing Enquiries
Dean LocktonJosh White
DirectorMarketing & Communications Manager

Focus On: Neroli Oil

Our Neroli Oil is one of the numerous products obtained from the Bitter Orange tree Citrus aurantium var. amara, a highly sustainable and endurable plant with products being processed using the plant’s blossoms, leaves, twigs, and fruits. The Bitter Orange tree takes 3 – 4 years to start yielding blossoms and 7 years to reach full maturity.

Our Egyptian producer has been at the forefront in developing its country’s Neroli Oil, supporting farmers to plant the Bitter Orange tree and helping increase its production of Neroli Oil from a mere 100kg in the year 2000 to 2,000kg in 2020. The farming community require patience, having to understand that any revenue return will not be for 3 – 4 years after planting, and the cost of oil production is significant with the limited harvest period available.

On average, 1 acre of land will produce 5,700kg of blossom and it will take 1,000kg of blossom to yield 1kg of Neroli Oil. Fortunately, Neroli Oil is very versatile in its uses, its fresh, floral, green notes demanded by fine fragrances and high-end perfumery and the ease at which it blends and works perfectly alongside other essential oils makes it a perfect formulation component.

Properties, benefits & uses of Neroli Oil:

There are various properties, benefits and uses of our Neroli Oil that would be highly beneficial in numerous products. Neroli Oil is most commonly used in body lotions, perfumes and cosmetics due to its various healing properties and a luxurious and lavish scent. When applied on the skin, Neroli Oil intensely moisturises the skin and boosts the epidermis’ natural processes.

Thanks to its calming effects, Neroli Oil can help achieve a better night’s sleep and be used for a simple mood boost.


Supporting our Baobab Farmers

Working with local communities and supporting our farmers is always one of our top priorities when it comes to sourcing butters and oils from around the world. 

As you may know, we have previously worked with the Baobab foundation to sponsor Baobab trees, something we are proud to have done and are proud to continue doing. 

No matter where you’re from, education is the most important tool any child could have, that is why we are gifting the Baobab foundation with $1,000 USD to help them get started on building a new pre-school in the village of Dambale. 

The school will be modelled on the two that have previously been built in different villages in the region. Once built the pre-school will consist of three classrooms, an open-air kitchen, storeroom, toilets and a perimeter fence.

Our $1,000 USD donation is the first they have received for the pre-school so it allows them to buy the building materials they need and to actually break ground on the project. 

None of this would have been possible without you, purchasing our Baobab oil which we’re proud to re-invest in the local community. 

If you would like to find out more about the project or to donate towards building their new school, do get in touch with us. 

You can find out more about the Baobab Foundation here


Focus On: Frankincense

Often referred to as the ‘King of Oils’ or ‘Liquid Gold’, Frankincense often brings memories of Christmas and Autumnal celebrations as well as many biblical callbacks.

Aside from this, Frankincense has many uses, such as within Aromatherapy, helping to ease Anxiety, Colds, Coughs & Indigestion.

When it comes to personal care applications, it has anti-inflammatory properties which calm the complexion. On irritated or sun-damaged skin, Frankincense can help restore the epidermis, soothing and nourishing the skin. On top of this, Frankincense also has anti-ageing properties.

Used in fine fragrance, the oil is an important ingredient and offers character associated with Oriental bases and “masculine” fragrances, it also offers profile support for florals, citrus and spice when blended with respective oils.

We are able to offer traditional Boswellia carterii, UK distilled from Somaliland resin as-well-as Boswellia neglecta which is Kenyan sourced and distilled at origin.

Both operations follow a co-operative business model, individual farmers and collection groups across both origins totalling 2100 registered collectors that are trained in sustainable harvesting techniques in semi-desert, community conservation areas.


The evolution of cosmetic butters: authenticity

Our latest article for Personal Care Magazine has been printed in the latest Europe edition as well as the most recent North America Issue. You can read the article below.

The demand for natural and organic ingredients from the consumer strengthens not only the support of a healthy lifestyle but brings with it an awareness of sustainability. New product development based on natural or organic themes are a core growth focus for both brand owners and manufacturers and in the UK alone, the natural and certified organic product sector increased by 23% in 2019 with a value of £106.4m. The Soil Association Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market 2020 Report further details that 2019 results showed a ninth year of consecutive double-digit growth and, since 2010, was the third largest growth in percentage terms.



Organic MCT Oil

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) is a fat often found in foods such as coconut oil. MCT’s are widely popular in the health and wellbeing sector, especially when it comes to weight loss applications. 

We want to introduce you to the possible uses of Organic MCT’s in personal care applications.

According to the Soil Association, “83% of people felt it was better for their health if a beauty or wellbeing product was organic”. That’s where we come in, our Organic MCT Oil is suitable for a wide range of personal care applications.

We know that MCT oils have several sought after properties such as very low viscosity, good resistance to oxidation and good solubility in alcohol. 

When it comes to personal care applications it acts as a viscosity regulator and can easily penetrate the skin, whilst also caring for the skin. 

Taking the above properties into account, MCT Oil can help in your emulsion formulations to ease spreadability and to reduce greasiness on the skin. In sun protection products the MCT Oil can help to carry the active ingredients and again ease with spreadability on the skin. 

Lastly, MCT oil can be used in a range of colour cosmetics, including lipsticks and lipgloss as it helps to disperse pigments. 

Be sure to get in touch to learn more or request a sample.

Trade Shows

ProTec Botanica at Vivaness 2020

We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be exhibiting for a third year at the Vivaness show in Nuremberg, Germany. We’ll be showcasing our range of Organic ingredients at Vivaness in Nuremberg, Germany from February 12th – 15th. You’ll be able to visit us on stand 3C-263 to meet the team and to explore our range of Organic essential and vegetable oils.

The show which brings together over 275 exhibitors along with 50,000 visitors from over 134 countries is a key event in our events calendar.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment before the show, please do get in touch.


Featured: floviva Mint Oils

Mint’s versatility offers fragrance and flavour in many applications, its characteristics making it a core ingredient for perfumers and flavour teams globally.  Personal care, oral care, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and household industries all use mint oils for the natural characteristics they offer, the feeling of freshness and cooling or the aromatic notes of herby and earthy.

Working with a long-established farmer group located in the main mint growing area of Bareilly, 440 farmers from the villages of Khajuria and Bhujia have the ability to yield 35,000kg of Peppermint piperita Oil; 10,000kg Mint arvensis Oil and 4,000kg Spearmint Oil.  This short supply chain from grower to end user is key in ensuring control of origin, harvest and production and we can offer both certified organic and 100% pure & natural conventional.  The provenance and traceability assures ProTec Botanica’s position as a trusted source.

Trade Shows

ProTec Botanica at NYSCC Suppliers Day 2019

We’re excited to be exhibiting at NYSCC Suppliers Day in New York, USA this May. We’ll be showcasing our full product range along with our partner, TAOS. The show runs from May 7th – 8th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.  You’ll be able to meet the team on stand 1716 and learn about our full range of natural and organic ingredients.

The show brings together over 400 exhibitors along with more than 9,000 visitors from 61 different countries. We’re excited to showcase our products to the American market.

If you’d like to arrange an appointment in advance, please get in touch.